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Superior Brand Connections

With WhatsApp Business you create your own business profile. A unique, fully-branded business identity gives you the opportunity to inject your brand with every customer interaction.

Messaging Privately and Securely

End-to-end encryption and strict attention to protect privacy. Each message sent by agents is recorded.

Engage Globally

Opex not only provides WhatsApp Business Integration but also Telegram, WeChat, Line and even your Facebook and Instagram Messenger. Opex brings all available channels to one place.

PMS Integration

Opex is already integrated to most PMS systems allowing hoteliers to identify their guests and access their details; this also enables users to initiate conversations. If we are not integrated already, Opex has the latest API technology to be integrated with all systems.

Knowing your Guests

Thanks to the PMS integration Opex will be able to tell which guest is messaging you as well as their details such as repeat count, last stay date or branch.

Use of other features of Opex

Guests and Agents can take advantage of other features of Opex such as opening a task, reservations, surveys and comments.

Scheduled and Triggered Messages

Set up automated messages in seconds and minimise response times. Create triggered messages by taking actions in Opex.

Chatbot and AI

Program your own Chatbot with the help of AI working behind the scenes. Know which topic your guest mention the most.

To Measure is to Know

Anticipate your guest's future needs. Track guest satisfaction, identify trends and keep a pulse on agent performance.

Be on your guest's favorite channels!

Get Your 5 Star Rating

It’s not so hard to increase your guest's satisfaction. 64% of people prefer messaging to a call or email. Make their lives easier – be available to chat on their favorite app.

Be Always On

Take fully advantage of Opex and create self-service options for your guests by automating your communication. Reduce costs and agent productivity.

Get Personal

Know your guest even before they contact you. Provide personalized support on every channel.

Speed up the response

Use media and clickable buttons to get more attention, from survey responses to web visits and notifications.

Would you like to
check your tasks
on the phone?

Speed up the response

Opex provides hoteliers with an omnichannel communications platform that is built for global scale. With Opex all of your communication channels can be in one place making guest communication easy. Opex is able to know the guest and their detail via PMS integration, match their profile and exceed customer expectations by knowing exactly what’s going on. Opex is here to make working together easy even remotely. Unlimited number of agents can work all in the same page, opening tasks, creating reservations, providing the best guest experience all without switching tabs. Not every message requires a support agent. Not every customer wants to wait for support.

Opex drastically reduces waiting times and support tickets by triggering auto messages and create a self-service help center where customers can find the answers themselves.

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