OPEX| Hotel Online Registery


Reach new generation of Guests

Guests can easy reach their reservation details by their reservation number and dates.Send their ID or special requests.

Guests will never have to wait

Even if they can't do their online check-in before they arrive, they can still do it with the tablets you provide once they are at the front desk.

Focus on Satisfying Guests

Guests can easily send their special requests, arriving time or their allergies.

Communicate with your Guests

Online Registration is a great tool for guests to communicate with the property and send more information about them directly.

Opex Online Registration

Guests can start their holiday even before they arrive.


Most guests visit the hotel website prior to arriving so would'nt you put a online check-in link on your website?

By Email

Opex can automatically remind guests to do their online check-in with a HTML template of your choice.

Check-in with a Tablet

Guests who could'nt do their online check-in could do it on the devices you provide at the front desk.

PMS Integration

Seamless integration with PMS provides guest data to be everywhere you like.

You and your Guests
going to
love this technology!

Easy to Use

PMS Integration

Compatible with latest devices

Multiple Language Support

Online Register Card