OPEX| Technical Management

Task Tracking

Staff gets notified about tasks via notifications.Automated warning and alarm systems start with it.No need to track in person.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenances can be created yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily.OPEX will automatically remind the tasks on their date.


All devices can be recorded in OPEX with their photos, manual, maintenance record. Instantly access their fault, service information, warranty, changed parts.

Service Agreements

Service company information and contacts can be recorded, service dates and details can be tracked on OPEX.

Quality - Control Management

Control forms can be assign to tasks, forcing staff to fill before completing the task or by a superior.


Used supplies can be send to Accountanting by itself, automatically reducing from stock.

Energy Consumption

Energy meters can be easily recorded, OPEX will automatically calculate consumption per person.

Mobile App

Staff can track their tasks on the move.

Flexible Reports

With flexible report tool, reports can be taken on a list, PDF or grafical.

Would you like to
your tasks on a mobile app?

Track Tasks That Not Done On Time

Send Notifications and E-mails

Automated Warnings

Stock - Accounting Integration

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