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Operation: Covid-19 !

Make sure your hotel is ready Covid-Free Certification !

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Make sure your hotel is ready Covid-Free Certification !

May 6/Handan Özdemir

Opex is preparing to launch an internationally recognised Covid-Free Certification programme for it's hoteliers to assure everyone's safety and keep them ready for the changes which will inevitably happen to the tourism industry.

The checklists have been advised by WHO (World Health Organization) and Quality Control Forms to assure guests of their hygiene standards and social distancing measures.

Checklists and Control Forms to help reassure guests and employees that appropriate standards and cleaning protocols have been met. Creating an environment where everything is recorded and controlled automatically.

Guest Portal & Online Check-in
Minimise face-to-face contact with pre-arrival online check-in.
Keep communication digital rather than in person via the Guest Portal on the app which allows guests to make requests and enquiries.

Digital Records
Guests can easily keep track when and by whom their room was last cleaned allowing for peace of mind and assurance.

Automated and Periodic tasks
Ensure that no tasks are forgotten and that they have all been carried out on time and correctly.

Digital menus for the restaurants to minimise contact as much as possible and make online orders.

Project Management
These new changes will undoubtadley require a lot of training, meeting and operational changes.
All these new projects will be able to be managed and organised in Opex.

In the upcoming days we shall be announcing department specific changes being made to Opex which will be ready for Covid-free Certification.

If you would like to participate on this new project please contact us.